Are you ready to Begin Your
Career As a Bricklayer in 2021?
Are you ready to Begin Your
Career As a Bricklayer in 2021?
If you're 19 - 24 years old and looking to get into the trades, then you're in luck. Skilled tradespeople are always in demand and can earn up to £50K or more, but it all starts by securing your place at our traineeship below!
Your journey starts here!
Your journey starts here!
By checking this box I confirm that I am between the ages of 19 - 24.

Gain On-the-job Training With Some Of the North East's  Leading Employers and Build Up Your Career Today! 

    What's it all about?

    Our new Build Up Programme is designed for young people between 19-24 who are ready to take the plunge, build up their skills, build up their knowledge and build up a new career within the world of construction.

    Our programme is a real game changer, tailored completely to YOU and your interests. We're not just here as a next step in your career path, we're here to be a bend in the path. To let you grow personally and professionally.

    You'll receive 4 or 6 weeks of training and 2 weeks of work experience with our employers across multiple construction sites and interviews with them all to decide what suits YOU!

    What will you receive?

    • Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction Environment
    • ​NOCN Level l Construction Skills
    • ​Practical work preparation relating to industry (Brickwork, Joinery, Plastering, Painting, Groundworks, Electrical, Plumbing)
    • ​Employability Skills including CV writing, job search, interview prep and getting job ready
    • ​Mindset, confidence building, positive mental health & wellness
    • ​Support with English and Maths
    • ​Guaranteed interviews at the end of the programme to open doors

    Our available opportunities

    We have 10 available vacancies available to future bricklayers who complete our course. Once you have completed the course you will be put forward for an interview with the employer.

    What is included?

    • PPE
    • CSCS test & card
    • 3 CPD qualifications

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